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Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths, an anthology of speculative fictionThe Advanced Reader Critiques (ARC) are in and the reviewers love Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths, the new anthology from Left Hand Publishers. The book, a collection of short stories from authors around the globe, goes on sale this week on Amazon. Here are just a few of the early reviews in for Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths. All of the author that contributed to this anthology should be very proud. From creative excellence in story-telling to professional prose, Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths is on par with any anthology out there today.

Amy Shannon, Book Reviewer

5 Stars
An incredibly amazing anthology.
Every author in this anthology should be commended for their work in this collection. Bringing in life and death into a collection of stories, all by different authors, and how their writing is varies, but brings to life, this grand collection. I believe there was a lot of thought into what authors would be contributing their work, and how this work will be displayed. I’ve read each of the 23 stories, and enjoyed each one. The love of life, humanity, mankind, and then the fear of death and what is beyond. I liked each story, but a couple of them stand out for me. S. D. Hintz’s “The Devil’s Embrace”, was powerful and something unnerving, but it was an exceptional piece of work. There is something about Gil’s fascination with his neighbor Morton. Another story that I enjoyed, so much I read it a couple of times is Robert James’s “In Dark Places.” It was well-written and compelling. The kind of story that hits on emotions, especially when she answered the phone of her late husband. Each story was glorious in of itself, and I am glad that I was able to read such brilliant works of art.

Amy Shannon
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Bruce Blanchard, Book Reviewer

Once upon a time, kids, I gave up writing and reviews altogether. I was approached with an ARC called Beautiful Lies Painful Truths, dealing with difficult and painful truths of life and death in the minds of imaginative writers. What I saw was astonishing in the words. The book helped drive me back to reviewing once more. To date, no Kindle applications just yet and in the realm of real books. And Yes, quotes from Moi, thank you Miss Piggy!, I am a very happy camper right now. Yes, Kermit, I love you too and Animal as well.

Posted by Bruce Blanchard on Monday, November 13, 2017

“The quality of the stories read are amazing, with intricate plots in a short story form coming off as so perfect in their construction. The scope of the imagination of the writers just boggles the mind in the executions of stories that make you think. What might be considered ‘good’ isn’t. What is seen as dark and painful is honestly the way it should be. Major kudos to these stories.

“Life is good and beautiful and death is dark and bad. Maybe not. This book presents twenty-four approaches with an amazing array of imagination in the depths of human drama, supernatural, humor, and unexpected twists. These stories will challenge everything you thought you knew – think again.

“Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths has stories guaranteed to challenge your view of life and death in mind boggling ways, taking you down unexpected paths of the serious, humorous, pathos, and, the twisted turns of fate. The qualities of the stories are good. The writers are commended. An excellent book. Kudos!”

Bruce Blanchard, Book Reviewer

David Watson, Book Reviewer

“It’s an impressive read… It may be about death, but the mood isn’t always dark. This anthology spans several genres including science fiction, horror, mystery and, even some humor. Well written and well edited, this book may be long, but it’s hard to put down.”

David Watson, Book Reviewer