Two Minds, No Waiting: On Sale Now!

Take two very disturbed minds. Add the ability to create any worlds or situations they like. And you have the recipe for a collection of science fiction stories like none you have ever tasted. From aliens saviors and attackers, to time travel, to fantastic tales that include unique teachers and hunted mammals. More than just spaceships and phaser beams, this collection contains alternate universes and superheroes. If you’re ready to set aside your beliefs in what is or isn’t possible, it’s time to get your imagination rewired by Two Minds, No Waiting!

Magic's BalanceMagic’s Balance On Sale!

Magic’s Balance by Left Hand Publishers is now available online. Be one of the first to own this awesome collection of stories by Steve Rouse. The book, Magic’s Balance, contains a collection of stories involving magic, mystery, and worlds beyond imagining. Magic’s Balance takes you on many journeys of imagination. What would you do when Magic picks you?

Calling All Writers & authors need good publishers, editors, & marketersWelcome to Left-Hand Publishers!

Left-Hand Publishers assists writers in publishing their novels and collections of short stories. While moving through the world of authors, we made a discovery. Many writers are very creative when it comes to storytelling, yet many have no idea how to format manuscripts for print, epubs, get books up online, or track sales, The name “Left-Hand Publishers” comes from the idea of publishing options writers may have “on the other hand.”

Writers & authors need good publishers, editors, & marketersPublishing – First of all, at Left-Hand Publishers, there is never an up-front cost for publishing. Our publishing service includes formatting for electronic and print publishing, printing your book cover, and placing your book for sale online. It also includes some marketing on our website and social media. Left-Hand Publishers makes money from a percentage of the profit of sales. We calculate and contract the percentage through a book-by-book, case-by-case evaluation.

Do you just want to write?

Benefits of Left Hand PublishersMaybe you’re a great storyteller, but don’t necessarily want to take the time to be an expert in ALL the elements of publishing. Maybe you just want your book published, but don’t want to have to worry about how to do it. This is one of the main benefits of using Left Hand Publishers. We want to make it easy for you to focus on writing, while we can handle the rest. Our Publishing and Publishing Formatting services are with no up-front costs (we only make a percentage AFTER the book sells). This leaves you free to concentrate on writing your next great project.

Publishing to Kindle, eBooks, iBooks, NookBenefits of Using Left Hand Publishers

Do you know how to get an ISBN? Do you know that EVERY book has one? How do you format for POD (Print On Demand)? What size of book? Do you know that the size will dramatically alter your profitability? How do you get your book listed on Amazon to be sold in print? For that matter, how do you get a Kindle format? Or Nook? These are all questions that writers, new to the world of publishing, ask. You may not need to learn the answers. At Left Hand Publishers, we will handle all these details for you at no up-front cost to you! Let’s publish a book!

Publishing – Don’t have to learn how to format your book for…Publish your book, easily and no up-front cost

Publish Quality First

Our reputation as publishers and your reputation as a writer far outweigh any income received from an inferior publication. It’s possible that after we have mutually discussed any issues, either of us still may have concerns about the quality or terms of the project. In that case, we shake hands and part friends. Since we did not publish your book, you owe us nothing. We will release and return your manuscript.

Submission Example:

For example, if you submit a manuscript and book cover for consideration to be published, we do a very brief, cursory review.  (We get a LOT of submissions.) After the review, a variety of things could happen.

  • PUBLISH AS-IS: We could love it, and are willing to publish it at no up-front cost to you.
    • We then contact you and discuss a customized contract for publishing – where we make our money from a commission on sales.
    • Consequently, after we agree on terms, we format, publish, and sell your book.
  • RETURN & DISCUSS: We could see that it needs editing and return it to you (at no cost at this point). You are encouraged to take it elsewhere and get it edited. We can also recommend our sister company for editing assistance – Write Hand Services. Typically, copyediting costs range between $4 and $6 a page, but prices vary greatly.
  • RETURN & DISCUSS: Maybe it doesn’t need editing, however, the submitted cover design needs improvement. A poor cover design will negatively impact sales. You are welcome to take it to an outside designer. We just need to make sure it fits our technical design specs. We can also recommend our sister company for cover design assistance – Write Hand Services. Typically, cover designs start at about $500-$600, but that varies greatly.
  • RETURN: We may discuss with you that your project needs some serious work and just isn’t suitable for Left Hand Publishers’ needs at present.

Protecting Everyone’s Reputation

The bottom line is: we want to publish only the best book so we can maximize profits. Profits that benefit you AND us. Putting out an inferior book hurts everyone.

We want you to focus on what you do best: writing.

Publishing, Independent, Writers, Authors, Manuscripts, marketing, EditingLeft Hand Publishers is NOT a vanity press. We will never ask the writer for an investment or to pay any part of the cost of being published. We provide our publishing services as a percentage of revenue which we participate in, once the work sells. Optional Services are available to writers who need assistance in getting their manuscripts and/or their marketing tools honed for a successful and profitable publishing experience. For various consulting services, outside of publishing, we will provide an estimate in advance at no charge. For more information, contact us at .