Character Development Worksheet

In fiction writing, one of the biggest challenges facing writers is the Character Development of multi-dimensional protagonists and antagonists. People are (usually) not ALL bad or ALL good. They have shades of gray to their personality. These flaws or opposites are what make them interesting. Over the years, I have gathered various tools to help you develop your characters with more personality. Make them come alive.

Do you need to fill out every question? No. The more critical ones are in red. For example, what are their flaws? What are their motivations? What would they never do or think? And most importantly, why should the reader care about them?

When To Make Your Characters More Real?

Before you create or develop any major character in your fiction, you should utilize this two page checklist to see how much more “real” you can make your character’s personality. Even if you have already written your manuscript, use this form on your major characters to see if you can make them more “alive” instead of two-dimensional caricatures.

Download Character Development Worksheets

Download Multi-Dimensional Character Worksheet in Muti-Dimensional Character Worksheet in Word Format   or  Muti-Dimensional Character Worksheet in PDF Format

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