Privacy Policy Left Hand Publishers for writers, authorsThe first stop on marketing your brand as an author is to develop a professional web site. This site will be where readers can find out more about you, contact you, and learn about your books, characters and any documentation you care to provide. Good design will be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and focused on what the viewer wants while quickly directing them to where YOU want them to go: specifically purchasing your books. FREE ADVICE: A good site should also include your social media connections.

Author Web Site Design Considerations

  • Color – influencing a viewers emotional impact with specific palettes and colors.
  • Style – consistently providing the same branding message across all mediums. Style can shape the message. The shapes of your layout can convey masculine or feminine, soft or forceful, business or intimate.
  • Typography – certain fonts and type styles convey specific emotional responses in the style of a site. Which fonts are more readable on the screen? In print? How to use leading and kerning to the best effect. It’s more than just words on the screen.web site for writer, editor, publisher, independent, marketing, author
  • Navigation – able to reach any page from any other page is the best form of navigation on a web site.
  • Flow of Information – while web sites are non-linear, they can also be influenced by design to gently direct the viewer’s experience. Provide them with the appropriate amount of content for the situation.
  • User-Friendliness – Ease of use is critical to a great web site. If a site is hard to figure out, a viewer will abandon it quickly.
  • Search Engine Friendly – the best site in the world is useless if no one can find it. FREE ADVICE: While Wix and other DIY web sites are attractive and affordable, unfortunately, they are also invisible to the search engines.
  • Business Oriented Design – Because you are mainly concerned with creating an engaging narrative, once the book is completed, the focus is then on the BUSINESS of selling the books and financial reward. Many web designers can make a pretty site, but can they make one designed to be successful in business?

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