social mediaSocial media has changed one of the ways writing and publishing in the last decade. In days gone by, publishers marketed authors’ works, but social media changed all that. Writers are now required, by the industry, to promote their own books through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. One of the hot terms in publishing right now is “platform.” Essentially, this is your Internet presence and the amount of followers you have via social media, your website, and even on the air. This platform is where you will influence potential readers to buy your book.

Social Media Starter Package

author, writer, social media, marketingLeft-Hand Publishers’ social media experts help establish a look and feel for your social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. We can assist you in building a following and getting your platform rolling. Are your graphics, banners, avatars, and style consistent with the rest of your branding, such as your website, bookmarks, book covers, etc.? There’s much more to social media marketing than posting pictures of your dogs. Who do you follow? How do you get them to engage in conversation to keep them interested in your brand? This Optional Service is estimated as a ballpark flat fee up-front.

Social Media Management

Social media, marketing, writers, authors, publishers Left-Hand Publishers makes certain your social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter are set up properly (consistent design and style). Either you, or we, will need to continually post both interesting and marketable posts to entertain, educate, and engage your prospective audience. Are you losing audience share? We can help you post on a regular basis to make your social media more engaging. This Optional Service is estimated as an ongoing monthly service. We customize it to your needs and level of involvement.


Publishing, Independent, Writers, Authors, Manuscripts, marketing, EditingLeft Hand Publishers is NOT a vanity press. We will never ask the writer for an investment or to pay any part of the cost of being published. We provide our publishing services as a percentage of revenue which we participate in, once the work sells. Optional Services are available to writers who need assistance in getting their manuscripts and/or their marketing tools honed for a successful and profitable publishing experience. For various consulting services, outside of publishing, we will provide an estimate in advance at no charge. For more information, contact us at .