Manuscript analysisOne facet of editing is an objective Manuscript Analysis of the project. Left-Hand Publishers provides this service as an Optional Service (in other words, we charge for it up-front). To give you some idea of what this report contains, we have enclosed a few items detailed in it. This analysis report is estimated at a basic hourly rate.

  • Basic Text Statistics – see below. This gives us the word and punctuation statistics that every author should know about their manuscript. Maybe you are using too many semi-colons or an overabundance of parentheses.
  • Overuse of Common Words and Phrases – some are inescapable depending on your POV. “I, my, me,” etc. may be very high for a first-person book, but there are some words you might be better off without altogether.
  • Readability Level – what grade level is your text reading at? Depending on the genre and audience, this can vary greatly. Based on this analysis and your intent, we can give you recommendations on which way to lean your prose.
  • Lexical Density – what percentage is nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc. Too many adjectives and adverbs make your text too flowery, however, not enough description is just as bad.
  • Passive or Active Voice – we can analyze and let you know if the “voice” of your manuscript is too passive and give you recommendations on where to adjust it.
Word Count
Sentence Count
Character Count Including Spaces
Character Count Without Spaces
Complex Word Count (3 or more syllables)
Syllable Count
Period Count
Comma Count
Quotation Mark Count
Apostrophe Count
Colon Count
Semicolon [Quotes and Links] Count
Question Mark Count
Exclamation Mark Count
Dash Count
Parenthesis Count
Bracket Count
Brace Count
Punctuation Marks per 100 Sentences
Commas per 100 Sentences
Quotation Marks per 100 Sentences
Apostrophes per 100 Sentences
Colons per 100 Sentences
Semicolons [Quotes and Links] per 100 Sentences
Question Marks per 100 Sentences
Exclamation Marks per 100 Sentences
Dashes per 100 Sentences
Parentheses per 100 Sentences
Brackets per 100 Sentences
Braces per 100 Sentences

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