Editing Authors' Manuscripts & Editing Services Contact Left Hand Publishers about getting your writing, manuscript, book, or stories publishedLeft-Hand Publishers’ team of copy editors has expertise covering a wide range of genres. If you are interested in this Optional Service, Left-Hand Publishers will match you up with an experienced copy editor who will best meet your manuscript’s needs.

Editing Authors’ Manuscripts & Editing Services (Optional)

  • Copyediting/Line (substantive) editing
  • Proofreading (This is automatically added when you use our editing services. Our editors proofread your approved version of the edits. It can also be an optional line item if you are submitting a pre-edited manuscript.)
  • Developmental Editing
  • Content & Plot Recommendations
  • Manuscript Statistics and Analysis

Not sure what service you need? Contact us, and we’ll get someone from the editing team in touch with you to assist you in deciding what service best meets your needs. At that time, they will be able to give you a price and time quote for getting your project done.

The Process

When you submit a manuscript, story, or novel to us, we evaluate it for quality of story, marketability, professional editing (as well as other factors such as cover design, etc.) and if it is “print-ready”, we send you an acceptance email and begin discussing publishing your project. If it has potential, but is not quite ready to publish, we contact you to discuss the possibilities. We may offer you our optional services including editing authors’ manuscripts, cover design, or marketing. You are always welcome to have these services done by a third party and then resubmit to us. Once the project is at professional quality, we will contact you to discuss a publishing agreement, which as always, does not involve any up-front expenditure on your part.

Publishing, Independent, Writers, Authors, Manuscripts, marketing, EditingLeft Hand Publishers is NOT a vanity press. We will never ask the writer for an investment or to pay any part of the cost of being published. We provide our publishing services as a percentage of revenue which we participate in, once the work sells. Optional Services are available to writers who need assistance in getting their manuscripts and/or their marketing tools honed for a successful and profitable publishing experience. For various consulting services, outside of publishing, we will provide an estimate in advance at no charge. For more information, contact us at .