Do you just want to write?

Benefits of Left Hand PublishersMaybe you’re a great story teller, but don’t necessarily want to take the time to be an expert in ALL the elements of publishing. Maybe you just want your book published, but don’t want to have to worry about how to do it. This is the main one of the main benefits of using Left Hand Publishers. We want to make it easy for you to focus on writing, while we can handle the rest. While our Publishing and Publishing Formatting services are with no up-front costs (we only make a percentage AFTER the book sells), we can work with you with our Optional Services to make sure your work has the best possible chance for sales. This leaves you free to concentrate on writing your next great project.

Benefits of Using Left Hand Publishers

  • Publishing – Don’t have to learn how to format your work forPublishing to Kindle, eBooks, iBooks, Nook
  • Selling – you don’t have to:
    • Get your book for sale online
    • Track sales
  • Editing – do you need professional editing to review your work for:
    • Voice – passive vs. Active
    • Copy/Line Editing – Punctuation, technical aspects of grammar
    • Proofreading – Consistency in style, dialogue
    • Developmental Editing – conflict, pace, characterization, story quality
    • Manuscript Analysis – getting critical stats about your work so you know what needs fixed.
  • Cover Design – Don’t have to have be or know a graphic artist for professional cover design. Great covers increase sales.
  • Marketing
    • Social Media Set-Up & Management – don’t have the tie or inclination to spend time on Twitter? FaceBook? Goodreads? Left Hand Publishers can either help customize your social media venues, or even manage them on a daily basis for you.
    • Email Campaigns – Left Hand Publishers can customize a newsletter, email lists and help set-up sign up forms on your web site.
    • Giveaways – we can coordinate giveaways on various online venues to help collect contacts to build relationships & sales.
    • Author Pages – don’t the first thing about setting up author pages on various sites? We can do that easily for you.
    • Book Signings & Launch Parties – Left Hand Publishers can work with you to coordinate public personal appearances to help market your work
  • Author Web Site – don’t know the first thing about building an effective author web site? Left Hand Publishers use developers and designers with decades of experience to build you a web site that is easy to update and maintain.

You Don’t Need to Be a Publishing/Marketing Expert

All you have to do is be able to write great stories. We can help make the rest easy. Contact us today at:   and we will help make your writing and publishing dreams come true.

Publishing, Independent, Writers, Authors, Manuscripts, marketing, EditingLeft Hand Publishers is NOT a vanity press. We will never ask the writer for an investment or to pay any part of the cost of being published. We provide our publishing services as a percentage of revenue which we participate in, once the work sells. Optional Services are available to writers who need assistance in getting their manuscripts and/or their marketing tools honed for a successful and profitable publishing experience. For various consulting services, outside of publishing, we will provide an estimate in advance at no charge. For more information, contact us at .