Realities PerceivedLeft Hand Publishers is proud to announce the upcoming release and sale of its newest anthology: Realities Perceived. Authors from around the world, including the U.S., Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom, have contributed to this cross-genre anthology. The authors of Realities Perceived stretch the limits of what you may think you know to the limits of your imagination. This nearly-300 page collection of tales include work from new writers to award winning authors.

Perception is Reality…or is it?

Nothing’s more dangerous, or delightful, than invoking a cadre of talented authors to create short stories that defy our perceptions of reality. Do we create our own truth? Or does our view of it shape our world? Neither heroes nor heavens, victims nor villains, may grasp the true nature of our being.

From science fiction, to horror and the supernatural, to dramas about the fabric of our existence, this international fusion of artists will thrill you with an eclectic selection of tales that cross all genres.

Sit back and be prepared to have your perceptions of reality both challenged and distorted.


Contributors & Stories:

    • Magus of Murder by Cameron Johnston (Twitter)
      UK: A London-based, Dresden-esque heroine defies reality, the council of magi, and even death.
    • The Mortal Coil by A.P. Sessler (Twitter)
      U.S.: A strange device alters reality, or does it reveal the truth underneath?
    • Cobwebs And Cold Truths by Adrian Ludens
      U.S.: A psychological thriller where Halloween seems to shred the veil between madness and monsters.
    • I Carry You Everywhere by Katta Hules  (Twitter)
      US: An interviewer dances between an author, an old flame, and insanity.
    • Son of Loch Garve by M.L. Garza (Facebook)
      US: Huntsman—hunted or haunted?
    • The Will and the Way of Things by Michelle Mellon (Twitter)
      GERMANY: In mystical China, a strange visitor alters a young couple’s perception of hope.
    • Old Age and Treachery by Jason Allard
      US: Deadly aerial combat on reality TV can change your perspective.
    • The Purifiers by Kevin Singer
      U.S.: A post-apocalyptic squad of survivors face a new paradigm in what heroic means.
  • Asteroid AX-582 by Olga Godim (Twitter)
    BRITISH COLUMBIA: A sci-fi tale of non-acceptance, misperceptions, and second chances.
  • The Dodos By Gregory L. Norris
    U.S.: A drama about the need for friendship and hope when dealing with the cruel reality of life.
  • The Last Horseman by Mark Steinwachs (Twitter)
    U.S.: Metaphysical beings of the apocalypse battle for supremacy.
  • The Riches of the Kingdom of Enryaku-ji by Mary-Jean Harris (Facebook)
    ONTARIO: Mix Indiana Jones with Sherlock Holmes and throw in a dash of ninja mysticism.
  • River Onward by Jonathan Shipley
    US: An artist tastes a new reality of the preternatural, creating her own destiny.
  • Demon by A.D. Ross
    UK: Action-adventure where a death cult challenges one’s concept of what constitutes a demon.
  • The Ogress by Keith Gouveia
    US: A demonic fare changes a cabbie in Japan’s reality forever.

Realities Perceived on Sale:

The anthology is now on sale on Amazon.