The Demon’s Angel by Maya Shah

The Demon's Angel by Maya ShahNeha was excited to enter her sophomore year in high school. That was until the boy she went out with sprouted wings, and Lucas, the man who raised her since she was a baby, turned into a demon.

Neha is far from human. She is an angel, the natural enemy of demons. An angel raised by a demon has never been heard of before, which makes some angels see her as a threat. Neha not only has to prove that she did not know anything about demons, she has to prove that she is on the side of the angels.

And she is. So she thinks.

This Young Adult supernatural thriller follows the tribulations of the teenaged Neha as she learns both the truth about her past and herself.

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The Demons Angel by Maya Shah“Intensely Unique”

“First, the concept of the story, drew me right in. I couldn’t wait to read it. An angel being raised by a demon, how enjoyable is that? I am a huge fan of supernatural work, and this one, I found it both intense and incredible. First, Shah, pens a great story. The character Neha is something very remarkable, she has depth and grows as a character, especially when she feels she has to prove herself. She thinks she’s proving herself a good angel to the other angels, when in fact she’s also proving it to herself. It has the right touch of a great back story, so make sure you read the Prologue. It sets the tone for the entire book, but the story evolves into more. Neha is not your typical teenager, nor typical angel.”

Amy Shannon, Writer. Author. Poet. Reviewer.
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“This flight of fancy with engrossing plot twists tempts anyone ever dumbfounded by a parental deception.”

Wendy Landers, Book Reviewer
Author of Just Let Time Pass

The Demon’s Angel will be available on sale on Amazon at teh end of January.